The main activity of company "KIOS"
providing maintenance oil industry equipment in the field.

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Upstream activities

Downstream activities


Export pipelines, infield gathering & process plants services, production & re-injection x-mass trees maintenance



  • Production & Re-Injection X-Mass Trees Maintenance
  • Pneumatic actuators leak check program
  • Valves condition survey external leak check
  • Maintenance and test program for the Emergency Shut Down valves
  • Changing out of faulty valves and pneumatic actuators
  • Valves and Actuators Refurbishing
  • Inspection of pipe line flange sealing profiles
  • Shut Down surveys for planning the activity
  • Shut down activities
  • Trouble shooting and function testing of actuators and ESD systems
  • Equipment Identification
  • Population of Equipment in the Maximo Database
  • Spare Parts Management and Max/Min Reordering Levels Updating
  • Valves Reliability Team Investigations

WORKSHOP SERVICESWorkshop directly supporting the Infield services repairing/refurbishing different type of wellhead equipment, valves, keeping a safety stock of valves, actuators and spares.

Preventive Maintenance:

  • Production and Re-Injection X-Mass Trees Scheduled Greasing Campaign
  • Downstream Gathering System & KOTS Export Pipelines
  • Valves & Actuators leak check
  • Visual inspection and valves data collection Surveys
  • Conformance test and Critical Valves Safety Stock keeping
  • Failure Analysis and Corrective Action Plan drawing up in cooperation with KPO B.V. Valves Reliability Team
  • Valves Conformance test before installation.

Corrective maintenance:

  • Site refurbishment of Gathering & KOTS butt welded Top Entry Valves
  • Site & Shop Valves & Actuators refurbishments and upgrades
  • Shop refurbishment of full range API 6D, API 6A & Control Valves & Actuators

Planning and Spare Parts Analysis:

  • PM & CM CMMS, Work Orders Management
  • Shutdown Planned Work Orders review and monitoring
  • Site Surveys data collection, storage and handling
  • Spare Part Lists & DWGs management, review and update to new spec requirements
  • Spare Parts reorder level review according to Equipment population and failure rates
  • Population of CMMS System with Equipment parts, data and TAG related infos

Throughout this period KIOS has proved to be a reliable contractor who has at all times met the requirements and commitments.
The Company provides services by means of experienced personnel and the most recent equipment thus complying with related applicable international standards.


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