The main activity of company "KIOS"
providing maintenance oil industry equipment in the field.

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  • Provision of Field Fishing and milling services, personnel and equipment in support of Drilling and work over operations.
  • Fishing job description: recovery of any kind hole stuck pipes, broken pipes, bits, stuck packers, tubing, casing, TCP Guns and any other junk in hole.
  • Milling job description: milling of permanent and retrievable packers (e.g.: Baker, Otis, Camco, Halliburton etc..), milling of tubing inside cased hole (7” and 5-1/2” csg) and Open Hole.
  • Well abandonment;
  • Milling & retrieving packer in single trip;
  • Milling & fishing 9-5/8 Packer.


The workshop is fully equipped with Break Out Unit, Jar tester, Lathe, Grinding machine, Electric Welding machine and Oxyacetylene Torch for Braze Welding, to maintain, redress and repair the complete range of fishing and milling tools.

The warehouse maintains a comprehensive inventory of Fishing and Milling Tools and spare parts required for refurbishment:

  • Overshots (Series 150,70 and 10)
  • Basket Grapple and Spiral Grapple for Overshot
  • Extension for Overshot
  • Oversize Guide
  • Wall hook guide
  • Mill Guide and Itcoloy guide
  • Releasing Spear (Itco Type)
  • Grapples for Releasing Spear
  • Packer Retrieving Tool
  • Impression block
  • Fishing magnet
  • Die Collar
  • Taper Tap
  • Junk Sub
  • Drilling Jar (hydromechanical)
  • Fishing Jar type Z
  • Super Fishing Jar
  • Bumper Sub Fishing
  • Jar Intensifier
  • Underreamer (Drag type and Rock type)
  • External Pipe Cutter
  • Circulating Sub and PBL Sub
  • String magnets and Ditch magnets
  • Rotary Casing Scraper
  • Brush Casing Scraper
  • Stabilizer (Near Bit and String)
  • Casing Swage
  • Super Junk Mill Insert type
  • Pilot Mill with Insert type
  • Economill
  • Wash over equipment
  • Knuckle Joint
  • Safety Joint
  • Casing roller
  • Reverse Circulating Junk Basket
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Section Mill


Fishing and milling
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