The main activity of company "KIOS"
providing maintenance oil industry equipment in the field.

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  • Inspection, installation and test of Wellhead and Christmas tree components on existing (work-over) and new (drilling) wells.
  • Correct and fast flange make-up using bolt tensioning systems or torquing tools.
  • Retrieving, disassembly and recovery of Christmas tree, Wellhead, valves and chokes from worked-over wells.
  • Casing cold cut and beveling for the correct installation of Wellhead spools.
  • Cold cut of casing spool for disengaging casing hanger
  • Running/Retrieving and maintenance of drilling tools such as wear bushings, BOP test plugs, etc.
  • Running/Retrieving and maintenance of Tubing and Annulus plugs such as Back Pressure Valve, Two Way Check Valve, VR plugs, etc. using lubricators.
  • Welding of starting heads onto surface casing.
  • Operation and maintenance of client supplied Wellhead tools.
  • Leak off test of Wellhead and Xmas Tree valves and Subsurface safety valve
  • Methanol, Brine and Glycol pumping services.
  • Well Integrity Assessment and Management.
  • ICP and Annulus investigation (bleed off, fill-up, monitoring)
  • Wellhead pressure monitoring and recording using high sensitive instrument (Data Trap);
  • Leak sealant injection for curing Wellhead packoff and hanger seals, Subsurface safety valves, Casing and Tubing packers, Wellhead valves, Microannular leaks (Seal-Tite).


  • Disassembly, cleaning and inspection of Wellhead and Christmas tree equipment decommissioned from the field.
  • Disassembling, cleaning and preparation for modification of decommissioned tubing spools and tubing hangers.
  • Refurbishment, testing and preparation of Casing heads, adapters and casing spools assessed as recoverable from the field and Warehouse.
  • Assembling, testing and preparation of Christmas trees.
  • Refurbishment, testing and preparation of Tubing spools and Tubing Hangers. Refurbishment, testing and preparation of Wellhead and Christmas Tree valves from field and Warehouse.
  • Refurbishment and preparation of client owned or rented Wellhead and Christmas tree tools from field and Warehouse.
  • Stack-up tests and conformance testing
  • Equipment and assembly non conformance tests.
  • Warehousing of customer property equipment and spare parts



Wellhead and X-mas tree
maintenance services

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