KIOS LLP provides Wellhead and Xmas Tree Services during pre and post Workover operations including, but not limited to, Pumping, Slick Line, Coil Tubing, etc. Main services includes:

• Installation and maintenance of Service X-mas Trees for Well Service operations
• Management and control of Sub Surface Safety Valves and ESD via hydraulic control panels
• Installation of additional not return valve between Wellhead and flow line during Well test activities
• Installation and control of Cutting valve during slick line operations
• Running/Retrieve of Tbg Hanger Plugs (BPV/TWCV)
• Inflow and pressure test of original X-mas Tree
• X-mas Tree Valves Flushing and Greasing
• Site maintenance of Wellhead and X-mas Tree valves
• Bleed off and Flaring operation with remote activated Ignition burner
• Gate valves and actuators trouble-shooting