Environmental sustainability

KIOS remains committed to the principles of sustainable development in relation to its environmental practices and management philosophy. Reduction of GHG emissions and conservation of natural resources are the key elements of KIOS environmental policy.(Environmental Policy)

Environmental impacts are identified at the early stages of each new project through an environmental impact assessment (EIA), and a comprehensive set of monitoring programs thus allowed KIOS to have no extra payment for negative impact to the environmental (2019).

KIOS places a greater focus on environmental safety operations at all its operating facilities in Kazakhstan. In accordance with the RoK environmental legislation, KIOS has implemented a number of environmental programs, which cover all areas of the KIOS production activities such as the Production Environmental Control (PEC) Program developed to meet the following objectives: (PEC)

Obtaining reliable data about emissions and impact of production operations on the environment;

Reducing the impact on the environment and human health;

Rapid and proactive response on emergencies;

Communication to stakeholders about the environmental activities of the Company and potential risks for human health.